Data As A Service

Demand for analytics is seasonal for most local enterprises. As an alternative to hiring full-time staff and building expensive infrastructure, we provide data and analytics capabilities on a pay-as-you-consume basis.

Business Analytics

Short-term dataset-based discovery analytics exercise. We perform exploration, quick insight generation, and model survey on any data you have. We help address a business problem, perform data mining, or prototype an analytic model on an on-demand and fixed-term basis.

Agile Data Warehouse

Store, curate, cleanse, and analyze data across your digital enterprise. We integrate online and offline data sources, build dashboards and deploy query platforms. We perform gap analysis, competitive benchmarking and recommendations on your company’s data management and analytics and provide use-cases for business improvement.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Social listening and deep dive extraction of public data from popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We perform network analysis, sentiment analysis, behavioral and psychometric models, and language processing on social media feeds for insights on brand health, audience segmentation, and trending topic modeling.


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