Applied Analytics

Applied Analytics

Achieve better outcomes from your data.

CirroLytix enables researchers, brands, and organizations harness data without unnecessary complexity.


For Researchers

Automated data gathering, insight generation, and presentation.

For Brands

Use data to understand customers, grow sales, and drive communications.

For People and Organizations

Analytics capability building, assessments, and training.


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Our engagements focus on discussing and solving your business challenges instead of market hype and eye-candy. We simplify the data value chain for our clients: from data extraction, storage, visualization and analysis, to applications.

Start operationalizing your data today through actionable analytics.


Augmented Research

Augmented Research

Digitally-powered research.

Automated data gathering, insight generation, and presentation.

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Research Data Services

  Data Gathering

Gather more information at scale through web and mobile input forms, sensor input, encode and digitize research input data.

  Online Research Repository

Deploy fast, secure, and searchable research databases for future reference and study.

  Insights and Models

Deploy statistical models and machine learning algorithms on research results.

  Data Visualization

Effective publication and presentation of research results, web research portals and dashboards.


Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics

Data-driven marketing.

Use data to understand customers, grow sales, and drive communications.

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Brand Data Services

  Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Better know your customers through demographic, psychographic, and behavioral market segmentation.

  Path to Purchase and Customer Journeys

Optimize customer experience through root-cause, event analysis and frequent paths.

  Marketing Attribution and Product Performance

Optimize marketing mix, market share and growth, and test price sensitivities.

  Customer Communications and Loyalty

Forecast customer attrition and analyze voice of the customer through topic and sentiment models.


Smarter Organizations

Smarter Organizations

Data-driven digital transformation.

Assess and develop analytics capability, skills, and infrastructure.

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Organization Data Services

  Business Analytics Masterclass

Develop your organization's analytical skills through functional and technical classes.

  Analytics Capability Assessment

Assess viability of analytics use-cases against your team's skills, technology, and process.

  Data Value Chain Architecture

Develop roadmaps to build data sourcing, storage, analysis, and automation capabilities.


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