Social Impact From Big Data


We formed CirroLytix to create social impact through big data. Our applied analytics solutions help governments, researchers, NGOs, and social enterprises leverage their data value chain to achieve positive change.

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What We Do

Monitoring and Evaluation
We help institutions with M&E dashboards, logframes, and behavior change tracking. We implement data governance to support positive change initiatives.
Data Engineering and Machine Learning
We build data products for our clients leveraging internal datasets, remote sensing, object detection, and social listening to achieve their social impact and developmental objectives.
Capability Building
We assist organizations in building capability by assessing their data value chain, providing analytics masterclasses, and conducting social impact hackathons.

Our Work

CirroLytix projects leverage big data and machine learning to solve various social and development challenges.


Social listening and topic modeling on tobacco and cigarette consumption trends for public health communications.


Track down conspiracies of fake news and disinformation agents through lookup algorithms, content analysis, and network graph visualizations.


Remote sensing and mobility-based global COVID-19 impact monitoring platform correlating pandemic performance with economic and environmental factors.