About CirroLytix

We are a social impact technology company.

Our mission is to help governments, non-profits, researchers, international agencies and local organizations succeed at addressing collective social problems around the world by harnessing the full power of their data. Our ultimate contribution to society is in enabling social impact organizations make positive data-driven change to the lives they seek to uplift.

Our clients and partners span many social impact fields, including public health, democracy, elections, fake news, human rights, education, justice reform, peacebuilding, urban planning and agriculture.

Our guiding framework is the Data Value Chain™. We look at the total journey of our clients' data: from sourcing to storage, from analysis to interventions. Our quest for data value also strives for data ethics, and our work considers issues ranging from data privacy and security to ownership, to data discrimination and algorithmic justice.

All of our projects reflect these principles.