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We are CirroLytix Research Services, a social impact data analytics company. Our mission is to help governments, non-profits, researchers, international and local organizations succeed at addressing collective social problems around the world by harnessing the full power of their data. Our ultimate contribution to society is in enabling social impact professionals and entities make positive data-driven change on the lives they seek to uplift.

Our clients and partners span many social impact fields, including public health, democracy, elections, fake news, human rights, education, justice reform, peacebuilding, urban planning and agriculture. In all of our work, we leverage the Data Value Chain™, which distills our expertise in data collection, storage, analysis, and developing actionable insights and interventions.


The CirroLytix Story

In 2012, Harvard Business Review first broke the story about Data Scientists being the sexiest job of the 21st Century. This article also kicked off a massive hype bubble around “Big Data” and “Data Science” that now also includes terms such as “Machine Learning, “Deep Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence”.

I was having coffee along Union Square in San Francisco in late 2016 when the idea dawned: it had been four years since that HBR article but companies still struggled to leverage data for their needs. The hype cycle was also producing an army of firms, consultants, and agencies that were nothing more than salesmen taking advantage of the marketing hype around data. Worst of all, the “experts” were obfuscating “data science” to a complexity that most business leaders would never appreciate. On the Uber back to my hotel I decided that a viable alternative needed to exist. I came home to Manila later that year to kick things off and CirroLytix was born. Over the next few years we would start building a track record of helping companies with a no-nonsense approach to their data. Throughout this journey I met and was joined by many like-minded collaborators all looking to break the data mysticism and bring things back to hard reality.

It was in 2019 when the team made its bold decision to move to social impact. While we were moving the needle slightly in the commercial space, we saw that our technology and expertise could be put to maximum effect dealing with social challenges such as education, health, and human rights. We first took a shot with some competitions and awards and found this calling to be worthy and true. We found that social impact projects are not for the faint of heart, but the challenges NGOs, governments, and researchers face about data were the same as in any corporate and private sector endeavour, and most especially: the opportunity to directly improve the lives of people was a far more fulfilling path than any for-profit project. We happily took the plunge.

Challenge accepted.

And now the next chapter of our journey begins.

Dominic Ligot
Founder and CTO


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