Our Work

Monitoring and Evaluation

We help institutions with M&E dashboards, logframes, and behavior change tracking. We implement data governance to support positive change initiatives.

Social Behavior Change Insights

We build data products that help CSOs and social enterprises drive their social behavior change campaigns and advocacies. We leverage socio-economic data, remote sensing, and social listening to help our clients better achieve their social impact and developmental objectives.

Hackathons and Data Challenges

We assist communities and organizations in building their data capabilities towards positive outcomes through social-impact-themed hackathons that leverage open data and develop local data talent.


Social Listening

We process data from social media, search engines, and website analytics. We analyze conversations, topics, what's trending. Using machine learning, crowd behavior online can presage phenomena that occurs offline.

Earth Observations

We tap into the global network of satellites that orbit the Earth, incessantly gathering images, spectral data, and radar readings. We model data about surface activity, agriculture, geology, and climate patterns with key events and socio-economic phenomena.

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage computer vision to identify objects, activities, and recurring patterns from image data which are valuable inputs to other models and insights. We implement natural language processing to derive insight from structured text, conversations, and logs.

Data Visualization

We deliver the results of our research and insights through user friendly dashboards and interfaces that allow non-technical users to interact with and better understand data value.