Our Portfolio


We start with a clear understanding of the nature and context of our stakeholders and their beneficiaries. Knowing their story helps us drive development goals and define opportunities for us to make an impact. We refine this further into clear and measureable outcomes.

CirroLytix ultimately succeeds when we help institutions go beyond their paper outcomes and create a process or belief change that delivers social impact for the people they serve. Achieving effective impact outcomes will ultimately require the right data and analysis.

All our projects reflect these principles.


The Data Value Chain

Our guiding framework in everything we do is transforming data into value. We look at the entire journey that data traverses: from sourcing to storage and from analysis to interventions. Data value also requires data ethics, and our work accounts for issues ranging from data privacy to ownership, data discrimination and liabilities.


Social Listening

We process data from social media, search engines, and website analytics. We analyze conversations, topics, what's trending. Using machine learning, crowd behavior online can presage phenomena that occurs offline.

Remote Sensing

We tap into the global network of satellites that orbit the Earth, incessantly gathering images, spectral data, and radar readings about surface activity, geology, and climate patterns.

Object Detection

Computer vision to identify objects, activities, and recurring patterns from image data which are valuable inputs to other models and insights.

Web Dashboards

We deliver the results of our research and insights through user friendly dashboards and interfaces that allow non-technical users to interact with and better understand data value.